The other reason is that the long thin wire will have a large resistance therefore lowering the Q factor of the coil. Its got about turns of thin copper wire on a PVC pipe thats 14 inches high and about 7 turns of copper tubing for the primary pancake type. I would suggest trying different capacitance values for your tank capacitor as it is probably simpler than making a new primary coil. The finished product will be connected to a 30kv TV tripler, to rectify the voltage, and obviously, triple it. Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question?

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If not is there any chance you could offer some guidance on cap values? On the whole circuit?

DIY Ignition Coil Driver

No it is not designed to only spark when you switch the power. I ran this with an inductive ballast pulling 20Amperes off the V line nearly watts! You should be supervised by an adult familiar with the safety precautions for high voltage devices.

You would disconnect the signal from the base pin of the 2n or equivalent then connect it to the collector of another transistor such as BFY If the frequencies of the two LRC circuits match, then energy can be effectivley transfered between the two. This would lead me to believe that the other transistors are either faulty not switching on for some reason. Hello, I am currently starting work on a small tesla coil 4 inch secondary.


Flat Spiral Coil wire diameter 1. Here you can see a reconstruction of my first High Voltage device. You responded i could use ocxi or ocbi. Do you think this is a reasonable explanation, or is there something happening that I am missing? The RC will only help if it is over voltage which kills your diodes. It uses thin enamel coated wire aka magnet wire wound tightly for hundreds of turns down the length of the tube.

Energy moves back and forth between the capacitor and the primary coil at a fundamental resonant frequency. I just have one question about the design.

Ignition Coil Driver

A return 2m3055 is not always necesary and becomes partiularly apparent with high voltages. It is highly dependant upon the ignition coil you use. To do this a spacial square wave power supply is uses which switches power on and off to the coil hundreds or thousands of times per second. I know I have roughly the right capacitance, pretty sure that I have a good ground connection 3 foot piece of steel pounded into the groundand a good transformer that matches the tank capacitorbut I am not getting the slightest bit of corona out of the topload.

It depends on your speaker and PSU. Even then the neon was lighting up and the comparator died. For safety reasons, i want to earth my power supply.

Ignition coil spark generator problem | Electronics Forums

Without a proper HV diodeyou will not be able to charge caps correctly. Your doing great with your great website.


That is to say that the common practise for a mechanic to pull off a spark plug cap while an engine is running, in order to test if a particular spark plug is firing is not causing the opposite spark plug to stop firing as well. I was just reading advice on choosing capacitance values for the capacitor bank and am trying to see how it ties in with an ignition coil driven design.

Do you know what was wrong with the other configuration? Anyone knows if the altra scienza works? Also, if it turns out to be AC, could I put a bridge rectifier in between the wall plug and the primary?

How many amps will my power supply need to be I want to be on the safe side 3. The comparator compares the voltage on the inputs and determines if the output should be high or low.

The thickness of the wire depends upon the amount of current you want to pass through 2n3505. Hi, can I use this circuit to drive ignition coil with RC1 and diode for protecting 2n – to have one battery for oscillator and to have igjition other for induction coil?

The horizontal bipo is electrically similar to the twin see No.