After performing the MRPM, the light forest may be changed. The wavelength packing algorithm WPA is used to reduce the number of used wavelengths of the light forest. Moreover, the cost of the light forest is also computed. Ambient Mode for Chromecast. The farthest destinations in the subtrees PT 8 and PT 10 are nodes 6 and 4, respectively. In this paper, the input optical signal of a TaC node can only be forwarded to an output port leading to its child.

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Use Nearby to find Chromecast devices. For each destination d i in Dthere is a path table which consists of R i possible paths associated with it.

Two chromosomes are mated as shown in Figure 6 d. For each path plet Bypass p be the set of paths contained in A whose destination nodes are passed by path p. Let Live dest v i be the set of edges that have one endpoint dest v i and another endpoint in G ‘. Let w be the number of wavelengths provided by the WDM network.

For each destination d i in Dfind the minimal. For example, consider the network shown in Figure 2 awhere node s is the source and nodes d 1d 2and d 3 are the destinations. After performing Steps 1 and 2 of the farthest-first greedy algorithm, the result is shown in Figure 7 a. Combine the paths to form a routing tree P. Table 1 shows the comparison in details.

In [ 9 ], comcom, route from source to destination is constructed as a trialbut this is impractical. The outline of the SGA is shown in Algorithm 2. Cast media control notifications. Commonly, the algorithm terminates when either the maximum number of generations has been produced, or a satisfactory fitness level has been reached for the population.


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To solve this problem, path P s ,3 or P s ,2 may be reassigned another wavelength. In this paper, two GAs are proposed to find the light forest for the multicast request on WDM networks so as to minimize the objective cost.

Moreover, to examine the performance of the proposed algorithms, two heuristic algorithms are implemented and used for comparisons. Otherwise, a heuristic algorithm is needed to modify it to a light tree or light forest which satisfies the light-splitting constraint. These are then used to automatically generate multicast routes. It is worth noting that the cost of the routing path, which is called the extended pathrouted through node dest v i should be included in computing the cost of the path P sdest v i.

Discover Chromecast-enabled content and apps. It is found that SGA leads to both faster convergence and better result when the mutation probability is equal to 0.

Examples are the multimedia multicast routing [ 2526 ], WDM multicast network routing [ 2728 ], QoS-based multicast routing [ 28 — 30 ], WDM ring multicast [ 31 ], WDM anycast [ iif ], group multicast [ 33 ], and others related to Steiner trees. Observe the result shown in Figure 5 ; ocmcomm 5 is reached by the routing path P s ,6. In addition, because the network requires not only transmission line capacity enhancement, but also cross-connect node processing capability enhancement.


Wavelength division multiplexing WDM is an important technique to make use of the large amount of bandwidths in optical fibers to meet the bandwidth requirements of applications. Let Edge P sd i be the set of edges that compose the path P s iv, d i and all the edges with at least one of its endpoints, not be sbe on P sd i.

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BibTeX records: Xuetao Wei

P sv to the corresponding wavelength z ; subtract Edge P sv from G z ‘ ; cocmomm. Obviously, the minimal cost path is the extended path P 1 31. Several researchers studied the multicast problem on WDM with all or sparse multicast capable MC [ 78 ]. Control media with the Google Media Controls widget.

GAs search by exploiting information sampled from different regions of the solution space. Moreover, the rerouting paths together with the existing paths cannot form a cycle or cycles or comcpmm the light-splitting constraint. The farthest destinations in the subtrees PT 8 and PT 10 are nodes 6 and 4, respectively.