This review is inspired by the discussion initiated by user Dave in comments to the negative review of Acronis True Image by Tech Guy. But otherwise this is an amazingly capable program for the price. Basic being the most common and the most easily manipulated. Rebooting PC with a CD takes time makes backup more complex and time consuming and adds very little to the plate. But any program that relies on custom standalone loader works badly without Windows and that’s a critical problem of this class of programs. Most desktops and laptops nowadays come with a single internal disk and that too large sized. Also with the real “bit by bit” copy you can restore it only on the original drive or it’s exact replacement it’s actually more complex and restore on a larger drive is also possible via Linux ntfsresize utility.

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Acronis True Image

I agree that this tends to be a stretch, especially since it hasn’t been a sporadic problem, but seems to be repetitive, but it is conceivable that there is some acrons of fluke interaction, perhaps some kind of screwy software conflict with something else on your system, who knows.

Three types of your data and three types of your images. This way you do not need to backup OS files GB each time you backup your data.

For non IT professionals, it’s a daunting task, especially when we’re not sure what we’re looking for. Hello RonaldThank you for posting. volkme

It is stressful enough when your computer crashes and that only gets magnified when you can’t restore an image and get things going again. But for system partitions beware Acronis. Second, OS files are as important and changing as data in that they keep getting updated by the manufacturer with gilter patches and dlls very frequently.


This “feature” also implies that you should have several “generations” of image for your safety, not a single “the last” image.

Where I completely agree with you is the point that the program should pay more filetr to recovery of bad images. That’s a must for drives that contain over GB of data as both backup time and restore time became exceedingly long which de-motivates users to make regular backups. You may decie be surprised, but the BSOD were happening again daily!

Beware of Acronis “Leftovers” Issues | Wilders Security Forums

This is approximately three times faster then free partimage utility under Linux 1 hour 20 min for the same drive. Please let me know of your results, as it is at least academically interesting, but conceivably could have some productive fallout for you.

I will certainly help you with resolving this iflter.

It’s not like Photoshop or Illustrator where you can expect to spend many hours on the learning curve to learn a very complicated, but extremely versatile piece of software, which involves commitment and practice. I may have that name incorrect. In case of new BSODs, I would really appreciate if you could send me a private message with these reports:.

Sadly, they themselves have not documented it clearly on how to take complete back ups reliably and how to restore. Oddly, not a single problem with Ghost so far.

Acronis True Image

A powerful back up software should be able to backup and restore. One missed removal item, or one item removed out of sequence whether done manually or by some automated – e. His suggestion basically boiled down to “try it again”. In case of desktop or docked laptop with additional disks you also should disconnect all redundant disks, to make the environment simpler and less prone to errors in selection of the wrong partition for the restore.


I should have followed my gut and become a fishing guide Hope this helps!! You also need religiously verify your backups from a second computer including running “test restores” to ensure that your data are safe without loading your main computer. Kind of side effect of technology revolution that we have which creates an illusion that the restrictions of physical world no longer exists.

Contacted support several timesbut ,untill now, no luck! ArvyJan 18, By the way I did pay for two help sessions first to install the older version and second to install the new.

46475: Acronis True Image: Troubleshooting Try&Decide Issues

I agree with you that even if works well in Boot Disk mode, but is flaky, or downright destructive in Windows mode, the program is not delivering. To avoid “blue screen” death traps, any cleanup MUST be done in acroniz following order: This occurs naturally with regular backups.

Backup completed successfully, reboot the computer and again allow Acronis to load.

Acronis has done a great job of evolving True Image over the years. Thanks for these details – it just reinforces what a shabby product Acronis makes.