With them and four pieces of isolation band or plastic shims from some hard cables, rubber, whatever you can make a very good fixation between GPU and heatsink. Joined Feb 12, Messages 2, 0. I ask help, What is the highest mobility video card that can fit or compatible and usable for my laptop? I bought it and after two weeks I got green dots pattern on the screen. A small built-in microphone sits to the left of the touch pad, but we were surprised there’s not a Webcam to go with it.

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The system features a standard set of connections, including four USB 2. I think this “own custom cards” can be unlocked using a reset of Video Bios and putting Alienware signature. Alienware Area m Special Edition Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and allienware on topic. Best Laptops for Decent enough specs for casual users, but not suited for a gaming system. This is where it started.

Drivers for Alienware M5700I-R2 notebooks controllers

Support options on Alienware’s Web site include live chat, an extensive knowledge database, and a page of drivers. Don’t show this again.


Maybe some Alienware have protection somewhere etc whatever. If it alirnware holes, you will have to purchase four M2 or M3 dont remember exactly standard bolts with nuts of sufficient length. This is what “onemoar” posted.

Not a bad price really http: Its not worth it. Alienware Area m Special Edition Just looked a bit on ebay. Joined Feb 25, Messages 15 0. After card arrives, take a transparent foil and a marker.

Please ignore posts from people who tell random things above that are not connected with exactly your laptop. To quote our recent Vista benchmarking feature Windows Vista performance: X, X – all are affected. Ok, for quick, you want me to have number m570i-r2 Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Take you time, do not rush and after about hours you will have a repaired notebook with a much faster, colder video raud that does not have any BGA heating problems anymore.

Yes, you can pick any of these 3 standards, but beware of details below. That’s disappointing, but it shows that even gaming experts such as Alienware haven’t mastered the intricacies of building Windows Vista systems yet.

Hello Just a newbie here, I asked someone where I can post this problem, they said it’s the best here? So how would we noticed that the card is really compatible with the Video Card Slot that we have?


It makes for a massive amount of screen real estate, but Web surfers may find online text a little hard to read. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Drivers for Alienware MI-R2

I think you should know this, and the other Listeners too You will know it, like this: All those should work. I am not posting “random thoughts”, my post is highly specific about your laptop, because I was exactly in same situation.

Put in on the card and draw a layout on the foil in blocks of all parts that stick out in height. Let me explain in detail then: M5070i-r2 to arid”It’s entirely possible–even probable–that, as better driver updates become available over time, Vista performance will improve.