The Group moderators are responsible for maintaining their community and can address these issues. This driver does NOT support Synta mounts. If it’s still not working, test again when you have some time. If you do not see this then you have an older version of Radio Eyes, or you do not have a telescope control level 2 registration. Sets the telescope Park position to the current telescope position. The diagram below shows how ASCOM differs from traditional astronomy instrument control architectures. In addition, you should either have purchased a Level 2 Radio Eyes License or be in the free demo period of a software update to run functions related to telescope control.

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Because the mount starts tracking I think unpark is not necessary. True if the telescope is stopped in the Home position. If you do not see this then you have an older version of Radio Eyes, or you do not have a telescope control level 2 registration.

Be prepared for limitations and problems. The area of the telescope’s aperture, taking into account any obstructions square meters.

Telescope Class

Slews are working fine for some time. Normal if outside of limits. Some of these are in Config. Download and install the driver s for your astronomy instruments and devices. Click on it and the Scope Simulator interface will appear as shown below.


Radio Eyes no longer needs to know anything about the definition other than its name.

Telescope/Mount Drivers

Locates the telescope’s “home” position synchronous. The documentation, templates, and timely and accurate answers to questions on this forum have made my latest driver development an enjoyable and relatively simple process – Doug Anderson, Acope Astronomy.

After that I disconnect from Sky Planetarium, remove power and restart computer for a fresh start. Move the telescope to the given local horizontal coordinates, return when slew is complete. Your email is included with the abuse report. So just wanted to say – Thank you guys!

Tested and confirmed working mounts: The easiest way is to login to your wireless router’s status page to see which IP address has been assigned:.

After I powered of awcom on the OnStep, the mount starts tracking. I hope this long message makes something clear.

While not complete functionality e. Now back to what happened. If the serial virtual COM port for some reason has not successfully been created a computer restart can help.

Tested and confirmed working controllers serial port based only: True if this telescope is capable of programmed asynchronous slewing to local horizontal coordinates.


This will install the Platform on a new PC, and it will also upgrade earlier installations of Platform versions 4, 5, and 6.

Controlling a Telescope over WiFi

True if telescope is currently moving in response to one of the Slew methods or the MoveAxis TelescopeAxes, Double method, False at all other times. Specifies a post-slew settling time sec. Returns a collection scop supported DriveRates values that describe the permissible values of the Scopw property for this telescope type.

Your computer must be LAN or Internet enabled even if it is not connected to a network. This driver provides combined telescope, focuser, and dome interfaces each of which may be used by separate programs.

Controlling a Telescope over WiFi : Serial Data Communication by U.S. Converters LLC

The hand control serial port based only is then connected to the telescope mount. The declination degrees of the telescope’s current equatorial coordinates, in the coordinate system given by the EquatorialSystem property.

You aren’t seeing it with other programs because they don’t control tracking?