Again, shouldn’t cause any problems just rendering the 2D desktop. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Anyone help or solved this problem in the past? Apply by 31 January, Posted on 21 November, I am familiar with downloading drivers from ATI.

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The second warning only indicates that the driver for your chipset does not yet support 3D acceleration via the “direct rendering infrastructure”, or DRI. Able to work to deadlines and prioritise Ability to train non-technical users on SQL solutions. But but where can we get the 5.

Posted on 03 December, Be aware that it is very deep, and measure that it will fit zti buying it. Happy members who like to discuss audio and other topics related to our interest. Thanks again for the assist Sark.


Posting them in the thread would make it easier to diagnose the problem. Read more about cookies.

Joined Jun 5, Messages Likes Extensive experience of writing and tuning complex SQL queries. Able to deliver projects to agreed specification and within agreed parameters. Firmware is current as of July 15, DPLII expands music into 7.

Able to communicate effectively at all levels. Why 2 7-ch amps?

It appears that FC does indeed recognize i have a Raedon Video Card, just not the exact model and things look very pixelated. You have to press the front button.

I complained to ATI, but Sanjay replied and told me that is intentional behavior, for safety reasons. I think packed it is over lbs.

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Does that make sense? I’ve read that lots of people have problems rendering 3D games without much success in fixing it but I see what’s going on now- thanks! Thanks all for your help! You must log in or register to reply here. If you navigate to another page without changing the settings below you consent to this.


However, any linux techies know how to fix it? It is updated with the current 913. Apply by 10 January, This website is using cookies to improve your browsing experience. Posted on 10 December, I’m not sure if this is your precise model, but have you read this?

YPAO Volume works decently for loudness compensation.

Linux viewing problem – fedorecore sony laptop | Ask MetaFilter

Also, what version of XFree does Fedora Core 2 use? A comparison between vintage and new Yamaha integrated amps. We now measure and review equipment for free!