After trying many methods, and even yours a few times, I remembered that even though the steps were familiar, if I used the drivers off my CD, it might work. The ifconfig feenix James-Laptop: However, I wonder if anyone succeed in 1 running this in master mode? From this information, it shows that you do not need the b44 driver and it does not look like you need ssb since you are using NDISwrapper. OK, the weirdest thing is happening: No matter what I did I could never get the firmware driver off my system but I eventually figured out why bcm43xx is older then the b43 driver, and I was using b43 when most guides told me to only mess with the bcm43xx driver Hint: And is your wireless interface wlan0, eth1, something else?

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I followed the steps in the first post and now when I log on to the machine it seems to lock up.

Broadcom BCM43xx Drivers Download

Apple, please fix your OS X drivers, too. Andybob When you get to step 5 you run: I’ve been trying to get this wireless thing working since November ! Since this driver is my own creation, use it at own risk!


Ubuntu AMD 64 or 32? The chipset on my card vksta rev3.

I will be eternally grateful for any help! So what’s up with cabextract? I’ve been battling a loosing battle with my lap-top trying to get the wireless connection to connect. The same thing happened to me and it eventually booted up after I left it for a few minutes. Can Cbm43xx just say you rock?

Reconnect the device and power it on. I do it – I think it avoids typos with complicated commands.

My pc is a Compaq nc with Broadcom rev 02 installed, even if the driver reported to your post were for another wireless card, everything worked magically and more better than the official driver for ‘HP. Let’s go ahead and try the following: I had completely given up on getting wireless to work under Hardy.

Thank you very much again! Just started redownloading EVE Online. Could you please help me solve this problem?

Broadcom Wireless BCM43xx Vista/7 Driver v.

I see a download for the and the rev 02 on the linked page, but not the rev Message 8 of 13 You awesome buddy.!!! Can you post the abort message? A bit of background. Unfortunately, I don’t have a driver suggestion for you right now. Windows 8 to 7 Downgrade Missing Wireless Driver. I say this because your wired driver is netsemi and not b I used Step 2b from the link provided. I did many times vistx the driver to old driver from hp visha It has a Broadcom BCM43xx series wireless card.


By the way, your wired card will not work if you disable b I did the step-by-step Except I can not see my WiFi network under Windows. Close and save it.

Download Broadcom Wireless BCM43xx Vista/7 Driver v Broadcom BCMCB2

I remember seeing something about a wlan0 alias appearing, which filled me full of hope but it’s still in the same state. For b43 driver the same. The only problem is I can’t connect with WPA non-secure connections work fine.