As mentioned by others, the shaft weight really warrants a smooth swing which is when most of us hit the ball the best. This was more noticeable in the longer and mid irons and less so in the shorter irons, which is to be expected given the smaller heads have a smaller face to flex. Optimal weight in shaft The shaft is an essential component for speed, which is why the XR driver is equipped with the Project X LZ shaft technology. User Reviews Andrew Everett. And this is precisely the driving force behind the new XR driver’s design.

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I tried the newer versions of my set of Pings. Compared to the more compact sister Callaway XR Pro ironthe standard version has a shiny chrome finish rather than the brushed chrome and both look good. I get yards farther carry, on average.

I found fallaway club very forgiving and by adjusting the loft to a higher degree than standard it became far easier to hit consistently straight tee shots. Been playing these irons for almost a year now.

My favourite thing about the Callaway XR driver is that it is plug and play.

As for pure “smash factor ” I’d say it’s equal to the X2 as I caught one square centre with a swing speed of around 97 mph, landed same spot as my X2, perhaps you gentleman claiming massive distance gains should check into shafts? To reduce drag through the air and generate maximum speed throughout your swing phase, Callaway has equipped this driver with Speed Step crown technology, combined with optimised aerodynamic club head shape.


Other than that it’s a great iron. Your cart is empty! Sign in or Register with Golfalot. Sign in or Register with Golfalot. This callsway provides optimal weight to generate higher energy transfer towards ball during downswing phase.

Callaway XR Irons Review – Golfalot

None of the recent “gizmo” driver innovations have been of interest to me, but the XR caught my attention. The clubs are amazing. Forgiving, but with feedback on mishits.

I took this newly found distance with a grain of salt since its a launch monitor, not the course where it matters. Great distance, goes where you want it to go. I warmed up on the range and was absolutely hitting the ball the best I’ve hit it in a long time. This driver breeds confidence!

Topline maybe a bit thicker than I’d wish it, but I guess that’s life when playing game improvement irons. Very happy with this club. I used to hit my 7 iron around yards but saw reductions over the last few years with my forged clubs where I was only hitting my 7 iron about yards. If longer yards and straighter fewer slices is meaningful, then it has exceeded my expectations.

Men Women Kids Babies. After 25 years of playing I felt it was about time for me to man up and get used to it, calpaway it was the only way I was going to cut shots from my score. Please add products to the cart before checking out. Effectively this allows the face to flex more at impact and enables weight that is removed from between the ribs to be useful elsewhere the head.


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Why callawaay for a forged or semi blades when you get everything in the XR. They play about a club longer than my previous set, which really is causing a gapping issue.

The two white lines on the bottom two grooves are classic Callaway and make lining up the club easier. So does it all work? At address there is a medium amount of offset and a thick top line just like calpaway X2 Hot iron it replaces and I think it looks very good for an iron of this type. It is generates greater distance, because it’s an XR, that’s why it’s a driver. Now Golfalot aficionados will know that all this is not new as the recent Callaway Big Bertha irons featured the Cup and the Internal Standing Wave.

This is effectively a ridge of metal on callwway inside of the sole callxway the extra energy this provides works with the R MOTO face to create all that extra ball speed.

But the main difference is the consistency, it was hard to hit a bad one!