What exactly is Auto Updates trying to install? I shut the VPC session down and told it to save state, then started it again and it booted fine. Are there any other USB storage peripherals attached? Is there a way to repair from my oem disk.. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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IAP thank you as well, I have my sound thanks to you. A permanent fix would be good: Troll through the comments and the newsgroup thread linked in the post and you should find the reference. It began by locking up while the boot progress bar was active. The problem is that with some configurations, SP3 causes the computer to crash during boot, and Windows XP, by default, is set up to automatically reboot when it crashes.

In response to your response, the BIOS doesn’t seem to care what order the boot devices are in; in fact, USB isn’t even one of the options in determining the boot order. It could be totally unrelated to the service pack. Additional Information Additional Requirements for Server Installation If you have to perform a server installation, your computer must have the following software in addition to the basic requirements: However, the screen resolution is still a problem.


There are some third fourth? Had been trying since release to get this to work. It’s not clear whether the vendors acsper Microsoft should be responsible for fixing this, but surely as a minimum SP3 should not install on machines with this hardware.

Does your AMD-based computer boot after installing XP SP3?

At least, with some kludging, I’ve got a working system again. Nobody indicated that there was even a problem Armin said on June 20, at 9: Do you have a Gateway computer running Windows 8?

A few years old I think. I had very little trouble getting it to install only having to use the safe graphics workaround.

I am now trying to recover my system. The disk is compatible with all Acer series and models:.

Does your AMD-based computer boot after installing XP SP3? – Jesper’s Blog

Hvala na service Pack 3! Information about the procedure are available here on this overview page. Well i must be doing something wrong.


I have Solaris 10 in one virtual machine and Windows xp in another. They worked fine before SP3, so I don’t know what happened. Tried to install install latest Catalyst drivers but they would not install in safe mode.

Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer) from Official Microsoft Download Center

Then shut down and restart Ubuntu, and you should have sound. Can you give us the exact error message?

HP AMD-based computer, had the endless reboot problem because of intelppm. Nonetheless, thanks for the steps on getting it working in VirtualPC in the first place. All happens too fast, it’s just keep rebooting over and over all the time.

Some notes and screen-shots here: Matt said on August 23, at No additional info on the error. I never had a problem booting, but I had the low resolution and sound problems.