It worked but kept on overheating. The backlight lamp mounted inside the LCD screen and very hard to replace. Alienware 13 Laptops Coupon Redemption: Do you think this is cable problem or lcd screen problem. The VZ came with zero dead pixels and has constant, even lighting across the entire display. No Operating System included due to licensing regulations. This made is much easier to remove the front screen bezel without removing the whole screen unit from the laptop , which I was afraid of breaking at the hinges.

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Could their be something else wrong to prevent the usb ports from working.

The speakers are one of the shining features of this laptop that sets it above the average when it comes to budget presraio. Input-Output Ports Below are pictures of each side of the Presario vz and a list of all ports you get with this notebook: Though I have preeario problem now, my wifi is not as strong as it was earlier.

Heat is not really in issue with this laptop, it runs quite cool. You can download manual from HP website. A decent hard drive and a CD-RW drive were also necessary for my music collection.

HP Compaq Presario M2000

The touchpad is more rectangular than most, with stamped vertical and horizontal lines that show you where to run your finger to scroll. You can give them my email address so they could reply directly to me, or ask them to post it on your site. Heat only becomes a problem when playing video games.


Make sure to include your initial thoughts on using the product, any observations and potentially any issues you might have run into while using it. Would this be the backlight going out, as opposed to the inverter?

Atom-equipped, ready for grandma’s email sessions. My biggest complaint about the build-quality is the optical-drive. I expected this from a budget system. Just to confirm that you have a failed LCD, test your laptop with an external monitor. The Compaq Presario M is a well-rounded home laptop for users who don’t care about sleek looks. I have another guide for Compaq Presario M I sent it to a technical and he said i need a new screen.

Sorry about my previous post, I found presariio tutorial on removing the display and the inverter. Is it under the keyboard or under the display in the top of the laptop? compsq

Rpesario screen is still bright, it means the backlight lamp and inverter work properly. At regular listening volumes, every detail can be heard. The best way to find a compatible screen is searching by the full laptop model number OR you can search by the LCD screen model number located on the back of the screen. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook.


If you appreciate my work and find this information useful, please support this site. Is there anything else I need to know just to leave off the monitor. When inverter or backlight fail, the entire screen goes very dark. My only squabble about the black outside is that it is a little too bland. Thank you for your time to do this video!

I guess the next step is to replace the back light. The cell is twice the size of the 6-cell, so it does stick out of the back and lifts up the laptop at the back. Could this have something to do with it?

How to replace screen Compaq Presario m – Inside my laptop

You get the high pitched whine and then the screen goes black. Easy not to do. The battery is connected to the motherboard via a battery board.