Service from a sat phone company will not necessarily be better. Unfortunately in the past I just paid it. Know before you go. Is the battery replaceable? Toby January 16, at 7: My thoughts on why one should go with the Explorer over the SE is simply redundancy.

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Mike Bolte March 13, at 6: On the Earthmate app, you can have many more data sets, e. So, I am glad DeLorme came out with these units. I guess my thought is that when it will no longer hold a charge and since the battery cannot be replaced then the unit becomes useless.

Two reasons to buy the DeLorme inReach Explorer over the SE

tr2-0 February 3, at 8: Craig December 10, at 3: Full use of the character limit by the user would be preferred. Eve August 2, at 1: Seems like a perfect fit.

Nathan Shoutis September 19, at 9: As we understand your frustration regarding this matter and for this reason we have supplied you with our final offers regarding this request, neither of which contain credit for service. Delhlrme Cabrini December 19, at Only ever having used the Explorer, I am unable to comment on the SE. And then bring backup battery chargers for your team.


12 FAQ’s: inReach SE+ & Explorer+ || Incl, Will old devices be serviced?

If you have been turned over to The Thomas Agency for similar issues, you should advise them that Delorme has failed to uphold their end of the contract and therefore not entitled to any fees and that is The Thomas Agency pursues collection they will be in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act which protects consumers from wrongful collection practices.

If deohorme need the accuracy for a waypoint, just use the averaging function before saving the waypoint.

Let me guess you have a dead Tg-20 tree you would like to return also? I have done the leg work sent emails and made calls to find out this information! Andrew Skurka March 27, at 7: I thought my inReach Explorer was completely dead It would not turn on. Second, you can pair a smartphone to the inReach using Bluetooth and the Earthmate app. Personal Plans For outdoor enthusiasts, adventure seekers, explorers, travelers and anyone who needs a global communications solution, an inReach device and satellite subscription can mean added preparedness and deluorme of mind when you need to stay connected.

NAC January 7, at 6: PC March 28, at 5: I use paper maps last and gadgets first.


DeLorme Car GPS Tracking Devices for sale | eBay

NAC January 16, at Hi Andrew, ok but inside there is a microSD card??? We apologize that we are unable to meet any type of agreement and are prepared to address any tt-20 that you feel necessary in taking.

Pay the balance of the year for the service I never got and get a replacement unit without service. I will also quit selling Garmin from my distributors because I want none of my customers to go deal with the same unwilling to negotiate support staff. Arthur Wright July 16, at 4: Andrew Skurka August 2, at The Freedom Plan…what is the start up fee?

It is so intuitive and simple. With Earthmate, you can use your smartphone or tablet to access downloadable maps, U. All you need to provide them is correspondence with DeLorme to demonstrate the existence of the problem and thus, the reason you refused payment.