I got mine from Ebay You then slot it in connect up the two cables onto the connectors on the card, replace the panel and power up. Totem on June 17, Totem on June 4, He has given up I need for this to work! I am thinking of trying to reflash the bios This upgrade was also easy.

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If the HDD is brand new it will need to be formated first.

Have a manual for Dell Latitude C Notebook? Select install software automatically and press next. Posted on Dec 09, RAM wirelesa the memory into which your computer loads whatever software you are using at any given time. As I recall, there were some screws on the bottom. If this was a help please give me 4 thumbs up as I am trying to build up my rep on this site!

If there is nothing wrong with the HDD it might be a problem with the port on the motherboard that you HDD connects wirelless.

Upgrading Dell Latitude C/C Laptop

The other bios pages are to do with more advanced features and settings but you do not need to look at these for trying to sort out you situation. You’d have to latituude this component directly from Dell as every laptop uses a different kind of battery and replacing it would be a simple matter of removing your current battery and slipping in a new one.


I have loaded Neverwinter Nights. Current prices are about 50 U. No bootable device in my dell latitude d My old hard drive started making a clicking noise an ended up with an error message no bootable device and then i replace toay with a new hard drive and it still says no bootable drive or primary hard drive 0 and it cannot see it as well in the bios Replace with the burner; it clicks into place.

Posted on Jan 13, You should be able to. If your installing XP at the beggining choose to full format the drive using ntfs and then carry on and install the OS.

Reinstalling wireless for Dell Latitude c510 c610

It currently has windows but was designed for xp. Every other USB device I use works fine.

There are several versions of Memtest; all are free downloads. I recently had to reinstall windows XP on my recently aquired Dell Latitude. I would say forget about Vista, As I’m sure Microsoft wish they could. Here is a rundown answering some peoples questions and explaining how I set it up: However, your computer may not have this, but I bet it does.


If you try to set it up as one large gb partition the bios will not be able to read it as it supposedly has a read limit of 60gb.

You’ll probably have to reboot. Please be gentle, this is my first laptop and I don’t know much about computers.

And its BIOS doesn’t support booting on usb either, right? Some people have wanted to know about running windows Vista on it.

SOLVED: Can i go wireless with this dell latitude c – Fixya

Totem on May 15, I would like to have the system make this automatically, but I don’t know how. Ask a question and give support. So my wlreless is that, I need some kind of a converter like a cable for its hard drive.

Open desktop properties, click on the video lztitude tab, and look at the screen resolution. You should be able to remove this panel by taking out 1 screw only.