Page of 12 Go. There are no limits on how a template can be modified. Once it stops, you can open the Toro and roll the label stock back in — making sure that the front edge of the label stock is going over the rubber roller near the front of the printer — or press Trim Label to cut off the extra supply and get a clean edge for your next label. At that point, turn off the printer, give it about ten seconds, and turn it back on again. Use the form below to contact us online. Go to the Stock tab, and look at the Post-Print Action drop-down menu.

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Remove the labels on the re-winder and reset.

DuraLabel 7000 Quick Start Manual

If the error returns, continue to Step 2. The Darkness setting may be too high.

A Found New Hardware dialog box may appear. If you needed to correct the ribbon loading, try printing your label again. Please contact our support team for help. Please contact us for all your labeling needs.

DuraLabel 7000 Manuals

Text boxes A text box can be formatted and positioned anywhere on a document. Save your label design, and close out of the label design program. We offer free support for the lifetime of our printers, and free labeling advice and assistance for all of our customers. The printer is having trouble detecting the printing ribbon often because it is not feeding correctly. This will return the printer back to standby mode.


Cleaning the DuraLabel Catalyst.

A dialog box will appear showing the progress of the files being copied. Once you press Select to choose initialization, you’ll be asked to confirm by pressing Select again.

Information about the DuraLabel , DL, DL7K Tharo H

Make sure the tape is fed through the two guides at the cartridge exit. The ribbon should roll down the back of the back roller, forward through the wide-open part of the printer, up past the metal print head, and onto the front of the front roller. Turn off the printer, and wait about five seconds.

Usually, this is because the print head mechanism is not latched down all the way. An Add Printer Wizard window should appear on the screen when progress is completed; click Next. For durralabel labels, you may need to use a special Extended Print option. The supply type selected here needs to match the supply type that you are using:. Click on the field of the document and a text box will appear. Pull the vinyl through the printer, underneath the label tension plate, under the print head, and through the adjustable label guide on the underside of the tension plate.


Choose between online chat, request an email, or simply give us a call to speak with a knowledgeable customer support specialist. Use the arrow keys here to set the time and date accurately.

Other programs will still work, but only DuraSuite can properly take advantage of Extended Mode printing. Dump Mode can also be stopped by turning off the power 6. Navigate through the main menu again to Setup.

These values are needed to set the cell size in the Excel template. DuraLabel is a registered trademark of Graphic Products. Once everything is in place, lower the print carriage until it latches into place, and close the lid. Be dufalabel you are browsing in your My Documents folder. However, these instructions apply to any type of label.

Check Use the following port, and select the appropriate port, then click Next. Duraalabel Supply in the DuraLabel Lobo. Pick the appropriate setting then click Next.