It must be a hard life playing with new kit: I’ve agonised over putting up a forum for ages. Please enter what you see below: On November 25, , Mike said this: I can sit here and argue and compare the features of the NUO-5 vs. The reference to the fader decay issue is merely a point that fits the history of the reviews I have written and hopefully that the people reading the site have followed.

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REVIEW: Ecler Nuo5 Mixer

Now it appears if you don’t buo5 the script” your comments are edited or the thread locked. This is something anybody could pick up from a spec sheet – whereas the quality of the real-time pitch shifting is not. On November 25,Mr Kcon said this: Its shape adjustment allows both smooth transitions and extreme scratching thanks to the additional cut-in-time and reverse controls.

Review time again people – this time Deft gets his way and lays his hands on the new Ecler Nuo5. Must be a hunk of crap, eh?

Rane MP Jixer Mixer. The ‘NUO5’ is a high-end professional 5-channel DJ mixer combining the most demanding club sound requirements, the most creative studio effect tools and the most performance-proof robustness. The non-glitching nature of the pitch-shifting on the Nuo-5 was also highlighted as I was personally surprised it was so smooth, knowing the nature of the processing it is undertaking – with no perceivable latency added.


Ecler NUO 5 Professional DJ Mixer

I am more than happy to take criticism or corrections to any review I write, but considering I have written a full review on the X I didn’t really feel the need to add some of it’s high points to a review of a totally different piece of equipment. On November 26,DaCaveDwella said this: While rcler a straight up battle mixer, the Nuo5 offers many features the more adventurous scratch DJ might well be interested in – especially the Eternal fader as found in their flagship scratch mixer the HAK X This site uses cookies to provide you with the best experience.

Now I see him more as a salesman. The updates were promised months ago and they still aren’t here. Awesome, i’ve always though this mixer looked nice but you never hear about it.

The stick on foam feet are missing. If anyone hasn’t noticed there is a little drop-down menu on the homepage which gives a list of Skratchworx reviews. Have you checked your cut-in time knob? Disappearing up my own arse with stuff to do. Price Beat Guarantee We’ll beat any price! On November 25,Jonny Thrice said this: I’m sorry – I thought this was a thread about Deft’s excellent Ecler Nuo5 review but it seems to have turned into a Denon bashing session.


So you can actually read the X review and draw your own conclusions.

On November 26,not surprised said this: The line faders are 60mm high-end Ecler slide potentiometers. How about the V6?

Gizmo tere is no sign of the latest reviews in the review column Send to a friend. On November 25,wax fatal said this: The item is in good cosmetic condition and just has some minor marks to the front. On November 28,Jonny Thrice said this: However your attacks directed to me are extremely unprofessional and unfounded. I’ll post nui5 link as soon as I get it!

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