Both scanners produced high quality scans that were close, if not better than most dedicated film scanners. To scan film using the holders, you simply remove the white document mat from the lid of the scanner so it can backlight the film. The V includes the full version, which is a much better option. A large Start button on the front panel is the only function button. You get a comprehensive array of attachments for mounted 35mm slide scanning frames at a time , a flimsy 35mm film strip attachment for up to four film strips totaling frames at a time , a dual film strip holder, two 5 x 4-inch sheet film holder and a film area guide attachment that enables you to put any size original that will fit on the scanner. Having an A4-size flatbed means that the V can scan many frames simultaneously, more than most dedicated film scanners.

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Blown up, the JPEGs appeared virtually noise-free. Both scanners produced high quality scans that were close, if not better than most dedicated film scanners.

We’ll compare for you. This is unheard of technology for a home office flatbed scanner but obviously comes at a price. And film tends to have a slight curve, the emulsion a bit tighter than the base.

Epson Perfection V700 Photo

But the scanner gets credit for giving us more to work with than we usually get. We respect your privacy. Only the V comes with Ai, but it’s worth purchasing separately.


Scanning software remains a good bit behind the times, much as if no one has done anything interesting yet in user interface design. Epson has enjoyed an exclusive arrangement for higher perfrction CCDs which apparently is expiring this year. So on to the V The Epson Perfection V Photo is the ideal scanner for photo enthusiasts and advanced amateur photographers.

Epson Perfection V Photo | TechRadar

With the arrow facing the circle as shippedthe holder sits 0. They have no qualms about this; the V is primarily for scanning film.

To use all features of our website, it’s recommended to enable javascript in your browser! Start button on top and Power button below. But even the V was soft photto the default height setting for the holder. There are previews and high resolution scans to do that which a simple button can’t control. Sometimes just taping film down to the glass holder will do the job, too.

An autofocusing scanner would be the better solution to this issue, but at least Epson provides something. So when you turn them around, the notches click into the holder at a different depth. We just don’t like that approach — or the need for it.

Once you get your originals on epsoj scanner, it’s time to perform the actual scan. So plenty of flexibility is provided here photl more in terms of using your scans across a variety of uses. Unfortunately, there usually isn’t much area to grip the film, and holders consequently don’t do much flattening. Our Verdict An excellent step up from the budget scanners, with v7000 range of film and slide adaptors. Our medium format scanning was of black and white view camera negatives which we’d processed ourselves.


For what it’s worth not much at all, franklywe found the default setting to be sharpest. High resolution scans result in large files, so you need a fast connection to transfer that data from the scanner to your computer.

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Information about the height adjusters is not easily discovered. The V is simple to use if you just want to start scanning quickly.

The answer is yes, but only if you’re a seriously dedicated photographer and money is no object. And still it’s easy to miss a fastener. A large Start button on the front panel is the only function button. What’s in the box?