Try this one from here. Obviously my systems are somewhat limited by each board’s sata2 bandwidth, but this is not a problem. Posted April 12, Or sign in with one of these services. May I beg a question from you?

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I wish I knew why my motherboard didn’t work as simply as the majority of it’s model did. Only you can decide if it is worth it to you.

Always reformat and start from scratch. I got it working this morning. If it turns out I do need one, I can reinstall or download.

If that sounds wrong, let me know what ports I should plug these into on the motherboard and what BIOS settings to use. Posted April 24, There is a driver floating around somewhere for it- maybe iPC has it by now. Check and recheck that your RAM is seated correctly. Try the whole process on another machine. Posted January 9, It would really help to know more actual details about what you’re attempting to know what might be going wrong, otherwise all anyone can do is guess- I haven’t seen the same problems with the same hardware, because it worked right the first time.


The only fix for that I’ve seen is a modification to two files in the installation program.

AHCI and Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L

Amazing quality, but I must remember to ta-g31m-es2l the USB screen calibrator from gaa-g31m-es2l, the colour is a little washed out Originally Posted by parsec. I tried iDeneb and Kalyway, several different versions of each, but I couldn’t get anything to happen. Hi ive just been getting my first ssd drive a Samsung evo but the magician software I get with it is telling me I need to activate ahci mode for the best performance My motherboard is a gigabyte G31M-ES2L and does not have an option in the bios to change it The ssd is working but I just feel its not as fast as it could be and the software is sort of confirming this.

If you’re trying to install to or from a PATA optical or hard drive, I’d virtually guarantee your problem stems from it. I’ve tried iDeneb What video card are you using? Nanoxia Deep Silence I. Please tell me you’re not using the onboard video!

Drive configuration does not seem to have been the problem. Posted April 21, Sign ga-gg31m-es2l for a new account in our community. After trying several different install methods, I always ended up with the same problem, a complaint that the boot plist couldn’t be found that stopped me dead in my tracks right at the start of the install procedure.


The board runs Leopard currently I’m hoping it’s something obvious I’m overlooking in my inexperience, because this is getting really frustrating now.

AHCI and Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L

I chose this board after reading several guides to installing OS X on it, but it seems they were written using the original version, not this 2.

You can check out this mod in the link below, but you are probably out of luck with your ICH7. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Also, with whatever install method you try, make sure you select the correct drivers.

Check the stats of the board, then select the correct drivers. Whichever format you’ve been ahco, try the other. Gag-31m-es2l on my second reinstall now, I managed to screw up the video system beyond repair first time.