Yes, often she did not regard me as a human being! Blanche has had no sort of education. This morning we met and exchanged a couple of words. As I have told you, it is very amusing and even witty — which is perhaps what you are aiming at. TTie General had an extremely independent air, he talked to me condescendingly and sent me away to his sister. The eldest son becomes himself a virtuous ifoter and begins the same story over again. In any case, though, I am not your mentor and have no desire to be, yet I have the right, at any rate, to desire that you will not com- promise me, so to speak.

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I kept feeling that by begirming for Polina I should break my own luck. Do you know, it strikes me the General is so much in love that he may shoot himself if MUe. The Russian abroad is sometimes too easily cowed, and is horribly afraid of what people will say, how they will look at him, and whether this or that will be the proper thing.

Granny was powerfully built, and though vizta did not get up vlsta her chair, it could be seen that she was very tall. I made ga-vx204 my mind to risk a hundred guldens of Polina Alexandrovna’s money. In spite of the early hour I intended to go at once to see Mr. Of course, it would have been extremely aristocratic not to notice the sordidness of all the rabble and all the surroundings. You are overwhelming me.


There was a crush besides.

I answered, dryly, that I had very little money, and so I could not lose very conspicuously, even if I did play. Without saying “good-morning,” he began by blurt- ing out’.

However, I was watching and observ- ing, not with the object of describing roulette. Of course it was stupid, and of course I did not know how to get out of it, but as I began to get closer to the Baroness I remember, as it were, something within myself urging me on; it was an impulse of schoolboyish mischief. Astley have laeen chosen by Polina to confide in?

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In short, in her position, nothing could be more disadvantageous than g-avd204 scandal. She is well grown and broad, with sloping shoulders; she has a magnificent throat and bosom; her complexion is swarthy yellow. I kept a sharp look-out for my own sake, so that I might know how to behave in the future. Perfiaps you are not at all nice really, you know. It was twelve o’clock and, I believe, some excursion was being planned for the whole ga-fd204.

Yesterday, in your presence, the General thought fit to read me a lecture for the ga-vf204 hundred roubles a year which perhaps I may not receive from him after all.

I am a legally responsible person, I am twenty-five, I am a graduate of the university, I am a nobleman, I am not connected with you in any way. He will go to the Baron, and the Baron will receive him. It was true I had been more at ease during that fortnight’s absence that I was now on the day of my return, though on the journey I had been as melancholy and restless as a madman, and at moments had even seen her in my dreams.


I ran up the steps and. Then, getting hot, I pulled out all I had left, staked it on the same number, and lost again, after which I walked away from the table as though I were stunned. Such a fuss that even De Grieux thought it necessary to interfere and he interferes only in the most, importcmt matters ; visited me think of that!

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From the tone of her words, I noticed even then that she had serious anxieties, and was not ga-v204 simply by a desire for money.

It seems to me you could tie her in a knot or bend her double. They used to drive about in a magnificent carriage. Her manner to me remained unchanged: Have you been for a walk?

I said as vvista to her at once. The train was comfortable and not jolting. Her eyes are black with yellowish whites; she has an insolent look in her eyes; her teeth are very white; her lips are always painted; she smells of musk.

She had told me to take off my hat, but I had bowed and 32 behaved like an impudent schoolboy on my own account.