See it as a backend. Meaning people buy it and have to return it to seller. Posted February 10, Infuse has no problem playing them. My eye TV worked fine before the upgrade and this was not even considered before I was told that my eye tv was shot and they then offered me a twenty percent discount on a product that wasn’t available to me. A shame making EyeTV into abandonware. If you are a log time de sloper you will know that public testers are the way to get the bugs out.

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Same for TVHeadend, this produces the format you wish. Only reason I involve myself here is because I find EyeTV the best of the 3 options and would hate it to become abandonware.

See it as a backend. You might be able to find it using Google. Better solution would be to use a different antenne system that is able to receive the correct signal.

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Posted December 20, So… what is it going to hzndicap Geniatech? Have them all working now. Statistics say that kids don’t watch TV, but the truth is that adolescents do watch it but they don’t want to watch it with their parents all the time and the end up going to their rooms with their iPad or iPhone to watch what they can find on the internet. Sign In Sign Up. Maybe someone her has a solution. Not even saying “we will solve it” was stated by them.


Also the GUI is less. When so many people are having the same problem after a handicaap you would think that they would be looking for a solution.

$20, OpenWorld Contest to design best app for STM32 ARM Cortex-M3 –

But I really would prefer to get a fully working EyeTV 4. Hello, You wrote that after CES will be released the new products we are waiting for years I wouldn’t like to consider Eyetv an abandonware since there are not any alternatives for MacOs systems Sign In Sign Up. I would prefer using Genistech because of the better scheduling but Elgato has always refused to update their software and Geniatech does not much effort either.

On the aTV4 I can play. And what about a Nestream 4Sat with double CI slot?? Is EyeTV3 turning geniatedh abandonware? Is anyone aware of later builds?

Otherwise you will have no link between recorded programs. However Elgato decided years ago to kill that forum without any warning so no one was able to save the contents. Bit it is a goed lternative. Also it will take many, hadnicap hours even days, weeks to get it all setup and running.


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All statistics say that people watch less TV and they go to Internet for content, but this is because the TV paradigm stinks. I have read Ton’s posts and he suggests many things that are right on the spot, but Geniatech has to decide if they are a software company that creates theirs own hardware, selling the software to be used with other vendors’ hardware, or if they are a hardware company that bundles their own software.

I loved my eye tv but when I needed help there were long delays in getting information from their support site. How much time do we have to waiting for? Edited December 20, by Bottacco typing mistake.

Both have 4 decoders so people expect that EyeTV specifically mentioned as The Software will be able to use all 4 decoders. I veniatech the problem to their support site and it was like they weren’t listening to me at all.

We keep on improving. Why not implement preset HDHomerun devices?