All the people I talked to who had trouble with windows force shutting down for update just had it on or on standby for weeks. Their “anti-virus” exhibits so many virus traits and never actually prevents real viruses but yes, Norton! In the process it decided it wanted to “detect” my fans and I canceled it. They rejected two RMAs of the same board because they could not reproduce an error I was having with a synthetic benchmark which I could not either, it has been in my error report. For awhile ASUS got pretty bad years ago. Instead I sent that shit back and will never buy another product from them. Have the same board.

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So its not only windows. When we do giveaways we do it within the bounds of our subreddit and only for subreddit members.

Some include utilities that search for USB drives on your system and have you select a drive letter to install the necessary files to update your BIOS. Never done it that way. Rule 1 Harassment of others is strictly forbidden.

Gigabyte BIOS Updates

Any other tech support posts will be removed at moderator discretion. Between this and them abandoning their bios, ya. And this is coming from someone who has done many updates from a usb drive. If you are paranoid about windows randomly restarting in the middle of it it doesnt just manually goto windows update to verify there arent any pending updates.


firmware – Update Gigabyte Motherboard BIOS with Ubuntu – Ask Ubuntu

Fuck you Gigabyte, fuck you in the arse with a looooooong broom handle. So I replaced that. I once sawed @biod options to boot into safe mode, but that page changed or I can’t find it again. It’s just fear mongering at this point.

Rule 6 Use original sources.

Uninstalled and the problem went away. Here and here for example So, this is what I did to get it working. I was surprized by how @bils my little my cheapo 10″ Lenovo tablet laptop thing was.

It shouldn’t guide advice. Celebrities are the exception, as long as you respect rule 1. I see a whole lotta pitchforks ITT and no substantiating data. The problems might just be due to Ryzen being a new platform and them not having everything figured out yet.

How to update motherboard BIOS? | FAQ – GIGABYTE Global

When I complained they told me that they did their part so I needed to do mine accept the broken card and leave them alone. I am just pointing out that sometimes there is nothing wrong with the utility itself, and I don’t want to give motherboard manufacturers a bad reputation over something that is functioning as it was designed to but was ruined by an outside factor.

I had to insist again and tell them what to do to replicate the error Just open HWinfo64 and go to GPU errors while loading anything. Patience is a virtue.


I wasn’t fast enough on all my uninstalls and on one reboot literally the day I got it backthis shitty bios utlity “updated” my bios from April of that year to a version from three years previously and bricked my whole computer. If not then there are other 3rd party tools; BootICE has it.

What sucks is that Gigabyte is usually a solid company, but I’ve had a bad experience with RMA with them.

General Information

I’ve not bought anything by Gigabyte since they refused to honour the warranty on my DS3 motherboard back in the days of I just reflashed back to 1. The premium version is just for a quick scan of each new file that businesses can buy if they want that extra bit of safety.

App center is just like a service constainer for a bunch of small apps you have to install separately. My gaming laptop for travel is an MSI Dominator. Pretty good although the extreme 4 no longer booted for some reason after I tried to install a aftermarket cooler, strangest thing. Shit died on me three times. The main reason to get Pro has always been for the ability to join a domain.