I opened the software and tried to re scan my fingerprints, as soon as i have the screen up it says “to short” and then “lift finger” where it will just sit there. On Friday everything worked OK, on Saturday fingerprint scanning failed. I checked the rules of this forum, and I didn’t see anything about ‘bumping’ topics, so I’m pretty sure I’m not out of line here, but if I am, please tell me. The modem and Ethernet jacks reside next to the S-Video port. The ThinkPad brand has been built over many years now and has come to stand for high-quality, solidly built notebooks that are rugged in their matte black look, yet sleek and professional at the same time. Nice to know a feature offered with the product, one that makes people buy the item is also the feature that seems to fail for several different reasons. In fact, there is a just slightly less than.

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You can also swap out the CD drive and place an UltraBay Slim battery there so that when your 1 battery gets low you can just tell the notebook to switch to using the 2 battery, or it will do this automatically for you if battery rewder gets low. Using the built-in IBM Access Connections application makes it very easy to find networks and manage various wireless connection profiles. The ThinkPad T43 is available with a Calculating fingerptint 2 million digits is our benchmark: T43 Design Aside from the new fingerprint reader optionalwe find that the design for the T43 does not deviate from previous T4X models.

Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.


IBM ThinkPad T43 Review (pics, specs)

Using these for passwords is very insecure and hackers will get into your machine in seconds if they know just a little bit of personal information about you. So it seems that it was due to that update. Having covered a lot of the basic features of a notebook, it might sound like the T43 is just a darn good machine that rises above the crowd with a basic approach to better quality for each notebook feature.

The list of little features and utilities built into the T43 goes on and on. ThinkPad T43 back-side view larger image.

Nice to know a feature offered with the product, one that makes people buy the item is also the feature that seems to fail for several different reasons.

I am not sure what elese to do, i have searched and searched for a resolution to this issue and only find what i have already tried.

Pushing this key by default pops up the start menu in Windows. By now everyone has likely heard about the fact that Lenovo, a Chinese computer manufacturing company, has bought the PC division of IBM. Also, consider the fact that when you do use a very secure password, our feeble human mind is much more likely to forget that password.

I had no problems using wireless on the T Toss out that mouse. In fact, there is a just slightly less than. All of this seemed to happen after a think advantage system update was done. With the trackpoint stick built into the keyboard I never reaer my hands to navigate a mouse, the pointing stick allows me to quickly move the cursor to where I want thinkppad to be on the screen.

The modem and Ethernet jacks reside next to the S-Video port. I didn’t notice any problems immediately after, but if it’s possible that this is the culprit, I’m all open to suggestions. I ran the program Gingerprint Tune http: ThinkPad T43 back-side view larger image On the front of the notebook the only thing we find are the two latches to hold the screen down two latches work much better than one for keeping the lid down and tightly closed by the way and an IrDA port for wireless infrared communication with other devices or laptops.


Headphone out and microphone in ports are sandwiched between the Inm port and fan vent.

Fingerprint Reader with the T60 – Lenovo Community

This means that when you turn your computer on it will sit and wait for you to scan your finger before it will even start to boot. For example, which version of fingerprint software are you running? I have tried everything that has been listed so far and nothing has worked. We also have an S-Video output port available. I recently used a Dell Inspiron m and on the left palm rest the heat build was a big annoyance at best, uncomfortable at worst.

ThinkPad T43 back-side view larger image. All of the sudden it didnt show up when logging in.

I have aways used my fingerprint reader with no issues. Ghosting on the display a phenomenon in which fast motion on a screen causes streaks or trails of ghost images has not been an issue with this display, some T42 users reported such issues, especially on inch display models.