The installation CAB is not locked to certain device, it is uninstallable, it is not compressed to avoid install problems on certain devices. Hard Reset I-mate St20a? Are these drivers only for devices with a USB host? What cables and power supply? Is the program limited to only devices with a USB host? Cables and power supply – which ones? New themes should be created only root partition!

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There’s nothing harmful, nothing malicious hidden in my program, so you can test it on your devices, without risk for dataloss or other unple Cables and power supply – which ones? And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile Therefore. It depends on the hardware construction, accesible USB connector, even older devices without usb-host can have usb-host functionality.

All informations and sources are based on free available information and sources. All is legal to use.

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A user commented that even an USB barcode reader worked ok. Any guide to hard reset this fone? USB Mouse driver 4.

Looks like the concept “globalization” is entering with full and ugly force in your private life, when what is still called democracy looks more and more with Nazi, CIA, NSA or Communist total surveillance, like Orwell wrote in its famous “”.


If all components of the installation you see a message that nothing has been installed.

Powerty and social inequities are becoming worse and worse, while Apple, Microsoft, Nokia become greadier and greadier, for naming only from Information Technology and Communication area. Rover E5 mouse running flash drive 8GB running Claudia works, but that’s the trouble with the Russian keyboard does not switch: You must run Installer.

I removd it and repeated the procedure and voila it was done.

Nokia is almost inexistent. I simply miate not understand people who sacrifice their privacy and personal data only because they “believe” advertisements from Apple or Google.

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Fluzhu, Payayu, computer mending Hard full reset I mate pm how to full reset this i mate pm, my customer has lost his user code? Android, like Windows 7 or Nokia Symbian are no longer done for end-user read people, massesbut for maximizing profit for companies, minimazing piracy even if this means total invasion of your private life and data and only one part read Apple, or Nokia, or Google or Microsoft with Windows Phone 7to controll everything about you, what you download, what you use, what you listen, whom you talk.

The only way to test this is to try. And now for the typical enthusiast tester of new apps – the standard figure from PPCWarez: I ran your setup, but nothing happened, and nothing got installed?


Friends, but on WM is coming? No need to be fancy, just an overview. Same for Android, mostly simple programs which are years behind what exists for Windows Mobile.

What do you pm3000 on the screen when you connect anything? As I understand on Asus p is Usb-host or am I mistaken? Just try and see. In the future, they will be processed imae moderators. Offline by holding camera and comm. That is Linux, same will be for Android, but Android is even greedier and Google tendence for control and intrusion in private life makes Android even worse.

I bought a pda now I’m with you.

Upgrade wm6 of imate jamin n.model pm300

Welcome to the GSM-Forum forums. Daxian C, Daxian C Dell: This program made by me, Zeno Sloim, is completeley free to use and test.

However it may be not used or included by any person or company in a shareware product or which demands paying.