Once the card is re-enabled, your PC may bring up a window, ask you if you want to install a new driver, click on Cancel button:. Props to foundmy for cracking the key encryption and providing a solution. Write down the directory path to that file, you will need it later on. Next prompt will ask you to eject the drive to the full open position. According JF i dont have Lite on V2, because if i was Lite On V2 he would tell me and i didnt get dedication string So if I get dedication string i should be able to get my key? In this mode the drive is also able to output drive key, fw version and drive type by using a simple custom inquiry command.

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To make your life easier, we have uploaded the driver file only to our download sever. The key here is, don’t power cycle in the middle, but power cycle lkteon the erase command finishes, eventually you will get there and your PC won’t freeze! Notice the yellow exclamation mark.


At this time we have no alternative solution. Results 1 to 7 of 7. Originally Posted by martin Once you find it, you should see the properties listed under Drive properties. This is 38850c we liteo Please don’t plug the key extractor to your USB port before you have the driver installed.

Now if jungleFlasher ask your to whether load the ixtreme bin file, answer no, and quit JungleFlashe. This part is critical. Jungle Flasher will prompt you to save your Inquiry, Identify, and Dummy bin. But you can go to device manager to check it out. I get dedication string so i should be able to get my key?

Windows will ask you to confirm, answer yes. To remove the VIA driver: Again, power cycle the drive again, click on “Lite-On Erase” again:.

The time now is After the drive is reset, you will notice the driver properties is not in vendor mode anymore. JungleFlasher recommend to power cycle when you see dots on the screen to preventing your computer from freezing.


Now bring up Jungleflash. In the following dialog, you will see the location for your via SATA driver. I usually get a good erase after 3 attempts, you may need more or less. Enviar un e-mail a atapauso. If it plays a game, the key is good. Last edited by M1chael; 1st March 10 at You notice that erase failed.


Props to foundmy for cracking the key encryption and providing a solution. This will still utilise full stealth if available. As always use with caution.

Now use you other hand to click the “Get Key, create dummy. Jxtreme, in File Explore, locate the directory of JungleFlasher, copy the ixtreme firmware to “firmware” directory, see pic below:.

Next prompt will ask you to eject the drive to the full open position.

Lite-On C (C, Cv1, Cv2, C) [DGD2S] | Xbox Modz

You are all set! Double check here to make sure you have a good key!! Team Xecuter Archive Top.

You need set it back.