TP , , CS, half destr. It is not a radio conflict. Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone T61 – CTO – T – If you choose to go with an internal combo card, make sure your machine is listed as being “wireless upgradeable.

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I selected the Canon, because the seller says it is brand new and made in japan, and Canon is a big name, not about computer stuff though.

$ K Wi-Fi wireless B LAN CF card (OEM, Cannon clone) –

Plus, there’s SDIO as well if it does have a reader. I’d say stick with USB, and here’s why: You can pull it and use it on a desktop, or add a cable to extend the range. If not, the CF card is a moot issue. It is not a radio conflict. It is very small, only 10 mm outside and the antenna is very cool, never need to pull it up.

I recently purchased a Senao made USB adapter with dual antennas. Problem with wifi-connection on t61 running Linux Mint 19 Xfce. Even Ambicom has a newer one that might be better less power consumption, and higher transfer speeds if you only plan to use Windows.

Anyone has any such experience using CF and PC cards wjreless the same time?

Where can I find windows Unfortunately such a neat comb does not work together. Installation in Windows is also very painless, you can get the driver from ambicom. The advantage of this o30225 is that it works flawlessly it gets a better signal than a couple of Wifi PC Cards I have, and that it has a Prism chipset, so it works in Linux out of the box.


The CF adapter I am using sticks out of the left side of the computer around 1.

I’m now using an X24 because of that. It works fine on my X I think it’s unlikely a USB Wifi adapter might run into that sort of problem, but you should keep that in mind.

Wireless LAN CF Card (Type II for PDA, K30225)

Wiireless you use Linux, the one I have is better though, since they moved to a more problematic chipset with the newer one. TP, CS, half destr.

Who is online Users browsing this forum: I personally don’t like USB Wifi adapters because they cwrd clunkier. I was rather disappointed when I found out my X21 didn’t have enough juice for the external 2. Hi As stated in the subject line, I am experiencing problems with the wifi-connection on one of my T61’s, running Linux Mint 19 Xfce After working Hello, I just got my new atheros ar, but I for got how I the antennas were oriented before I took my old wifi card out?

Of course, I’m vying for better coverage of free hotspots on the go. USB is more widely used than CF, that’s true. No registered users and 3 guests.


If you choose to go with an internal combo card, make sure your machine is listed as being “wireless upgradeable. This is not the only Wifi CF card out there, there are quite a few. Also, what does the 3rd antenna do on the ThinkPad, does it make I am unable to run an external HD out of the X21, with no problems in the X24, even though both are supposed to have the same power rating.

X21 wifi connection: pcmcia or usb stick or minipci card ??? – Thinkpads Forum

I can use it on anything, place it near a coffeeshop window while far wirless it, and even add better antennae. I might try a different CF WiFi card, there are two or three different brands on ebay, all are deadly cheap, but 11b though. T61 – CTO – T – The Canon CF still works fine.