You are having issues with keycodes and now the IPS number is gone and you are trying to recover it. In order to register for our forums please send an E mail to kiptech earthlink. Page Controls dithering patterns for grayscale line entities. Place the leading edge here. Cut Sheet Media Placement 2. Section 4 Scan Mode – Monochrome

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:: View topic – KIP w/ no color option enabled

Must be using at least 6. Fine is the default setting. Page 65 They can not be altered or modified in any manner on the UI. These are some of the most common file extensions.

Verify that the configuration works by dragging a printable document onto the new desktop printer. I saw in the forum that older models also require a hardware upgrade to do color. The report can be sent directly to the default printer attached to the PC generating the report to Microsoft Notepad or other ACSII reader or to any file location accessible to the generating workstation.

Request allows you to edit pen widths and screening by pen number with a range of Pen 0 to Pen Do not change the Name and Source Fields. The hard code serial number is to be taken as correct in case of any discrepancies. Exact is chosen then the media width of the file must also be installed in the printer. You will have to replace the Drum if it is damaged, as it is a very important part in creating the print image. Page Using the guides on the feed table, center the original face up and push forward until the KIP accepts it.


Page These are Center, upper left, upper right, lower left and lower right. Press on the Percentage value displayed the number is a button. Select a desired size of the sheet. This region is used to select the image size of original being scanned. KIP printer operators may designate features to be active when the system is powered on to ensure efficient use.

An optional KIP Folder must be purchased to enable these functions. LPR Byte Counting enabled. Please note that only rolls the printer has will be displayed. Page 20 9 Dehumidifier Roll Deck Dehumidifier for locations with excess or high humidity All KIP options and accessories are subject to change without notice.

All times are GMT – 3. Page This document is created using the most popular web browser at the time of publishing. Close the Toner Hatch 1. This allows the current user to cease all KIP printer functions after the user has preformed the required copies.


I wish you luck!

Select the size of the sheet, and the media type not shown 3. Having a heck of a time with “door open” message on LCD where you go into service mode. Page Measured in Gigabytes.

KIP 3000 User Manual

Media Type Media Type Only some models of some manufacturers will require the media to be set. Percentage Key Pad To enter a 3000d directly: Original Type User Selects the type of original to copy.

The name of the Fold Pattern is displayed here and can be changed prior to printing.

When the paper is inserted far enough, the machine automatically sets the paper at the proper position. Page Installation The KIP has the services required for direct connection so no additional hardware is required.