Enter the desired print quantity from the control panel keypad. Page Output Mode for Machine with Shift Tray continued Enter the desired print quantity from the control panel keypad. Do not put your hand in between the tray and tray supporting part; otherwise you may be injured. The image data is to be specified by the given job name. Be sure to hold both sides of the printed sheets Network Function Section Copying Using Memory This section describes various copying features available on this machine using built-in memory.

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Touch OK to return to the Basic Screen. After scanning is completed, the Image Data Edit Screen will be displayed to indicate that the scanned image data is ready for transmission.

The Job Name Entry Screen will be displayed. Page Section 9: The result will be displayed as a list. Page To Display Current Machine Status Job Status Follow minotla procedure below to display the current job status, job list including reserved jobs and job information, and information on up to 16 previous jobs.

To change the registered content in a group: Checking Feature Selections and Proof Copying Use the Check mode to confirm copying selections before starting print operation.

Page [19] Scan Transmission Setting continued 2 Select the desired address type. Enter the IP address of the mail server, IP address of the DNS server if neededtime difference, and E-mail address to be informed of the machine status. EXIT on the confirmation screen to be sure the data is deleted. Data List window will be displayed.


Page 9 Contents continued Safety Information Section Contact your service representative to change the tray size, if desired. This Manual deals with making copies, correct handling of the machine, and precautions for safety.

The following information items are provided. Page 89 Selecting Density Level continued Select additional copy conditions, as desired.

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Original images are scanned into memory and automatically arranged in booklet format in correct order. Remove the rear guide plate while pressing the knob, then insert it into the minolha designated for your desired paper size. Check to be sure power plug is firmly inserted in electrical socket. Either Frame erasure mode and Fold erasure can be selected in combination. Print quantity cannot be entered. Locating Title Pages on the Right Side Chapter Chapter is used with RADF in mode for the purpose of locating title pages on the right side, rather than reverse side, of a bzihub copy to improve the presentation of double-sided copies.

Machine Specifications Section 6: Making Double-Sided Copycontinued Check and specify the original set direction and binding mode. Call for Service Preventive Maintenance Page [17] Finisher Adjustment Use this mode to make fine adjustments to each function of the finisher. Select the desired output mode.


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When more than four jobs have been specified and the folder key of the print job in trouble is not currently displayed on the screen, the arrow key to scroll to that job will flash. Page 48 Machine Configuration continued PI Cover Sheet Feeder 3 Upper tray guide plates 4 Upper tray 2 Upper unit release lever 5 Lower tray 6 Lower tray guide plates 1 Cover sheet feeder control panel 1 Cover sheet feeder control panel controls cover sheet feeder operations. Use the con- trol panel keypad to enter the page number of the insertion location, then touch SET to complete the entry and move to the next key.

Key Operator Modes continued [9] Weekly Timer Otherwise, the size detection sensor of the RADF may function incorrectly. Touch OK on the popup menu to complete the setting. Load paper aligning it to the right side of the tray.