If there is one then you got it defective. It is only after I got your files that I realised I had them after all. Bram 3 Just double click the appropriate one and you should be up and running. A man has to buy another adapter to use in x64 or to use a x86 Windows SO

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I have also uninstalled the device ‘network adapter’ on device manager, and then ‘install’ed it, while trying to point windows into the correct directory where the device should be, and it is telling me that there is nothing that it can read.

Also, it is possible to share the Internet from the virtual machine to the real one my? Internet Searching for drivers on Internet, I discovered that: Sign up using Facebook.

WMRW: KY-RS Driver Installer

It is only after I got your files that I realised I had them after all. Can somebody give me a link to the oficial site of the producer? At least Davicom itself does not offer x64 drivers while they have x86 drivers: Device manager has shown that from the recent events, that it has affected some other device drivers as I checked on Device ManagerI have since windos the drivers from dells site, here are the affected and now possibly fixed devices: Maybe it will help you.


Can anyone help, please? Super User works best with JavaScript enabled.

No solution for this adapter. But I dont have a PayPal account. Yes, I have Win Me and win 2k drivers.

So here I am: Spent almost half a day to troubleshoot this darn device. And look at the label, it stated ” KY-RS “. I am putting a email address so that you can send me any information that you have or the driver.

Gurken Papst 3, 1 11 Wnidows code is on. Jose Antonio- all links aren’t working now. It comes with a CD with drivers, according following folders: And why is that?

The device has become unresponsive recently, and I’m sure it happened after I accidentally unplugged it just after exiting Spore Galactic Adventures Gamewhich blue screen dumped me [without time to read the information of the dump – was about a 1.

There is not 64bit available for this adaptor. Virus Problem, Please Help. Jose Antonio, if you have a PayPal account, I’d like to send you a few dollars for your help.

Download Drivers

It will be very nice cos i need some money to maintain ky-rd9600 AV upto date Thought I’d share, since so many people seem to be having trouble with this. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Allowing internet access to to host system will work if you set up the virtual machine to use host-only or bridged networking not the default NAT and enable the Internet Connection Sharing feature of Windows XP: Got the driver from this site I went to the site that you posted a link to but was unable to find the driver that I needed.


I am currently using another computer to post this. I don’t have Slackware specific instructions but basically you need to turn wibdows IP forwarding in the kernel and add iptables rules to enable NAT. Hi aindows, Before I begin explaining my problem, here are my system specs: