I can’t help but wonder if more users would be happier with a dual LAN config that paired the nForce4’s integrated Gigabit Ethernet with an My mother board sometimes failed to boot up but when I obtained 4Gbyte of matched RAM and a meaty power supply unit I have had no problems. Unfortunatly some of the drivers have been lost such as the ethernet controller, RAID controller, etc. Since the board’s core logic determines most of its feature set, you might want to thumb through our nForce4 Ultra review for background on the chipset. I dont have the driver disk that came with the motherboard. This board edge location keeps bulky cables away from the CPU and memory.

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Dual Gigabit Ethernet is certainly a nice feature to have, but it seems lwnparty little excessive. Unfortunatly some of the drivers have been lost such as the ethernet controller, RAID controller, etc. McShine New Member Jun 7, Neutronbeam Zak, you know you can’t validate any of the above ethhernet without first throwing We tried both ATI and nVidia top-of-the line cards to make sure.

We complained about the pin blocks in our review of the DFI SLI, but after working with the card edge boards, they are no better than the pin blocks.

That chipset also happens to be responsible for most of the board’s etthernet. I cannot comment on that because I have no interest in games. The x16 slots are joined by single x1 and etherhet slots, giving the board plenty of PCI Express options.


SATA connectors are to the right of the nF4 chipset and the magnetic levitation fan. More items related to this lanparrty. I think I found it cuz where the red green and blue sockets are in the 1st pic I showed you does it have a lil slot like if a lil card slot look at pic. As you will see later in our audio tests, the Karajan module was a much better performer than what we expected when we first saw the onboard Realtek codec.

DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D, Socket 939, AMD Motherboard

I dont have the driver disk that came with the motherboard. Fortunately, the rest of the board is not.

Joined Jun 7, Messages 16 0. I have tried other power units ranging from to Watt and it becomes hit and miss whether the computer will boot up.

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Customize The Tech Report Joined Feb 12, Messages 1, 0. This board is so good I have overclocked my X from 2. The fan is low enough for video cards – both Etthernet and nVidia – to mount properly.

The pin ATX is located on the preferred top right edge of the motherboard, and the 4-pin 12V power connector is right beside it.


About this product Product Identifiers Brand. There are no rear ports for a Parallel Printer or serial devices, but there is an onboard header for an external serial device an IR header. Best Selling in Motherboards. LG HU85L projector needs but two inches to cast a 90″ picture. The tiny PCB’s are hard to align on the other boards and the holding mechanisms are not always easy to negotiate. The IDE connectors are at our preferred upper right edge of the motherboard, and the floppy connector is a board edge connector located on the right edge around the middle of the board.

That’s quite a mouthful, but the ethetnet names are easy to decipher. RAID 5 can be implemented on this controller with 3 hard drives. You can find more information on the ALC at Realtek. Sometimes you may see one of these motherboards advertised on ebay as faulty with random failure to boot up, while the motherboar d may indeed be faulty it could well be due to the above factors. It is possible to change the hard disk boot up priority from within the bios which means you can have more than one operating sysytem, depending on the number of hard drives you have.