An Easy Transfer Cable is a type of cable that helps transfer data from one computer to another. Can I transfer without a cable? Are you a small business or IT manager? They are two different Programs to move everything to a new PC. With the end of support for XP now just a month away, Microsoft recently announced a new way to help users migrate from XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8:

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How to use an Easy Transfer cable to transfer files to new Windows 10 PC

Set it and forget it You start the transfer and walk away. Sorry this didn’t help. Windows Easy Transfer does not migrate installed applications. Special offers Save big when you buy multi-license packs or volume licenses of PCmover. Learn how Easy Transfer Cables work, how to use them to transfer files to Windows 10, and what alternatives are available. Once the cable is connected, run the transfer software and start the transfer. Replied on March 9, If you have lots of time and don’t care about potential data loss or corruption, you can use a wireless network which is specifically supported in the Laplink PCMover documentation.


In this guide, we’ll learn how to do this transfer, which cables to use and what are today’s alternatives and improvements on the old transfer cable route yes, you can even transfer without a cable! KMcK77 Replied on March 29, High-speed cable transfer option Slow network?

They are two different Programs to move everything to a new PC. You can use WinWin with a cable, or even without a cable – going through wireless network or a USB drive.

Using Zinstall WinWinyou will be able to transfer all of your stuff, including:. Bill Smithers Replied on March 8, Hi, Windows Easy Transfer does not migrate installed applications. PCmover Express does the rest! Request a free evaluation copy or learn about volume licensing of PCmover Enterprise. Is there some failing in WET that potential users ought to know about?

PC Mover Express You can even use a network connection between computers to do the transfer without any need for cables; your content can be migrated even if your old PC is dead. Skip to main content. Make sure that both computers are connected to the same network.

Laplink’s PCmover Express | Transfer Files from PC to PC | Windows XP, 7 or to 10

It’s their software and I’m sure they’ll have an explanation as to why the discrepancies – Quote: How satisfied are you with this response? These days, you can also use Network cables also called CAT5 or Ethernet cables – in fact, you probably already have one and may not need to buy another!


You then copy files from the old to the new. AND it works if my pc is dead?! Did this solve your problem?

Tell us about your experience with our site. Tools like Laplink are available to help you easily move all your stuff to your new PC. The transfer itself is done using a special software program that uses the cable to transfer your files. Just plug the cable between the computers. Want to transfer your old applications to your new PC?

Can I transfer programs, emails, settings, passwords – not just files? LemP Replied on March 9, Network What you’ll need: