Is Wi-fi and Bluetooth facility available? There are also five different filters. The true selling points for the Mirage Camera are its native VR support and ease-of-use. Lenovo Ideapad Specifications Summary. Price, specs and more Coolpad Cool Play 6 launched in India: Windows 10 os also good..

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Enjoy your favourite music loud and clear with llenovo Lenovo Ideapadthanks to Dolby technology and stereo speakers. The raw photo and video files on a phone look llenovo at least, and it’s easy to make them look better when adjusting the camera controls from the phone app.

If you’re planning to run Win 7 on this laptop then you’ll regret it because you’ll struggle to find the right drivers. It’s small, lightweight and acts like a point-and-shoot camera with powerful fisheye lenses. The 4K resolution video can look brilliant or inconsistent, often depending on where you see the video.

The Lenovo Mirage Camera captures degree video in a degree world — and in a world where there are so many cameras. It’s very much for early adopters who are willing to go through these pain points simply because the idea, not always the execution, is great. The Yoga laptop is the ultimate in mobility, connectivity, and technology rolled into one.

There’s no native time-lapse video option, which would have been ideal on an immersion-driven device like this, and we had trouble connecting the Mirage Camera to the Wi-Fi at our office — the app had let us connect to a Wi-Fi SSID and a field camsra the password. So before installing Windows, keep that in mind. Won’t go on appreciating courier or delivery time etc.


It’s technically showing degrees of panning, as blackness shrouds half of the world. It runs on Windows 10 operating system.

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Lenovo is the biggest computer maker and the fourth biggest smartphone maker in the world. These two things are very irritating.

Limited quantities are available. Store movies, music, pictures and lenovl your important documents on this laptop without worrying about running out of storage space damera it comes with up to 1 TB HDD storage.

Against YouTube video compression issues No screen on back Easy to get your fingertips in shot As expensive as cameras. This blazing fast, feature-packed processor family with built-in security is ready to take your productivity, creativity, and gaming to the next level.

There are two ways to look at this price. Windows 10 os also camerq. The Mirage Camera is shaped like a compact and lightweight point-and-shoot digital camera that you gave up buying years ago — but one without a display on back and two 13MP camera lenses in front.


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We have sent you a verification email. I bought this product at 49, Certified BuyerRaipur. There’s no screen on back and it’s still as expensive as many degree cameras, many of which can shoot degree video with a simple settings switch.

Is it suitable for programming purposes? Play 3D games, binge watch movies, download songs, and do much more with this Windows 10 laptop. Our office requires a username as well, so we had to try Wi-Fi-required YouTube Live streaming at home. Certified CsmeraIndore.

Yoga 310 Laptop (11″)

Having to use a phone as a viewfinder is a cumbersome process, even if this device does an admirable job as keeping the in sync bye, bye, bye is what some people still say without the screen.

This is supposed to be a high rated seller!!! Let’s come to the point. We didn’t need a microSD card right away, much to our delight. Certified BuyerKannamagalam. The VR format — although inconsistent — is what helps set the Lenovo Mirage Camera apart from the competition.