Posted on Wednesday, January 04, – Normally despatched within 28 working days. I have tried to find a manufacturer to see if they have some better manual or to update the firmware. The Logik hdd33 will be returned on monday and this time I want a refund!! If your WMA tracks aren’t working, and if you used media player to convert the tracks from a CD, make sure they are not copied using ‘Variable Bitrate’ – this will use up less space on your computer, but will not work using portable devices. Always turn the player on first and when it has started up fully then you can plug in the USB connector to the top of the player.

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Posted on Monday, January 30, – Just keep in mind to plug in the charger and turn it on is not enough – give it a minute or two of charging. I’d like ydd33 have some help so please help me!!!! I noticed the K on mine was drooping. Posted on Saturday, January 14, – lovik Whilst the user interface is typically ‘lost in translation’ for the money I cant really fault it.

Shopping with Partmaster lets you benefit from secure online ordering, fantastic low prices and next day UK delivery. In stock Express Delivery available. Lotik At Redhill Unregistered guest. I can’t make it work properly either. I have tried to find a manufacturer to see if they have some better manual or to update the firmware. It’s worked fine ever since but I still have a few concerns: Posted on Monday, January 23, – Over time a audio cable for your Hi-Fi system can become worn or damaged.


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I’ve pressed everything, there is no way of turning it off. Bought 2 for Xmas presents for my daughters after 2 days of pratting around still cannot get tracks onto the player!! So I thought I’d search out some online help and, surprise surprise, no website!

My guess is the design of this player is a bit dodgy, which is pogik it’s been sold so cheap. The jukebox restore tool won’t recognise the device drive so that won’t work either.

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I was prompted rebuild database but that sounded like I’d lose everything so I didn’t. Hope this make sense, if anyone has any other questions, I will try to answer them as I know how frustrating this player is.

Posted on Saturday, December 03, – I’m hopeing to get one of these for Christmas, so pray to God it works! Logik Mains Cable Genuine spare part. The player’s directory structure is the key – that’s how it recognizes the types of files you are using music, recorded, etc.

Posted on Wednesday, March 15, – Well I was just thought it was very interesting to find out I’m not the only one hating my mp3-player. Once a CD has been ‘ripped’ you can ‘Sync’ tab at the top these with the ‘Jukebox’ your player. I noticed the battery getting very hot if I connected the player to the PC whilst the charger was still attached to the player.


If the player appears ‘stuck, frozen etc. The joy of hard-disk MP3 players is that they aren’t dependent on specific installers or applications to allow you to transfer music from your PC into the player.

I know that this is the write drive as when i connect my mp3 it comes up with the my computer link for drive g which used to say “G JUKEBOX” but now just says “Removable disk G” the file its self doesnt have all the normal folders in it like K2 and my music.

If you go for the refund don’t forget there’s always eBay if you need to replace it with another low cost model.

Looks like that was a mistake.

Logik hd33 mp3 player. HELP please!

Errors and omissions excepted. They show up on there but they are not playing, they just skip through the trakcs going from 1 second to 90 seconds etc. Long llogik, but then managed to copy 21 albums to the player – You can choose what you want to play by album – unable to choose artist, track, or use Audophile.