Am i missing the point or is this possible. Eolake June 18, at 6: I have been writing since I was 12 years old and never knew it would turn out to be a full-time career. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here User profile for user: On some Macs, it is possible to do complicated reflashing of BIOSes to get around this, but not on all, and that has its own dangers. We noticed quickly two issues that have not been solved:

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Region Free DVD on Mac’s | My Journey to Macintosh

Just bought a macbook pro and am still in shock at the region code nonsense. Now my computer has had its 5 changes and is stuck on Region 4. And you know what? Benji — you need to let people know what the actual piece of hardware is inside your external drive — is it a Matshita drive, for example? You need to download the “SimpleFlash.

Isn’t that a workaround? The one I bought did, but happily it was already set to rpc1.

Apple Mac SuperDrive firmware – finally I can reset the region coding!!

The optical drive should not accept a firmware corresponding the wrong drive model, but for a given model the various revisions may have slight differences, perhaps because of different physical constraints on the hardware – so try to pick the appropriate revision. My issue was all related to my user preferences, and this reset the preference. My solution is a little more extrem but it works well: However the Mac accessories Air Superdrive only works with a MacAir so no good for me — thanks to the reviews!


This happens with all discs, even ones that work when tested on my wife’s MBP.

MacBook-fr – DVD : Region Free (EN)

This update works with the following EFI updates:. Allows you to watch and record simultaneously.

Any insight, or info is appreciated, and BTW great site. Know-it-alls hammering this line.

The only tiny problem with this is that Apple’s DVD player will try to automatically load and make you change the region when you insert an out-of-region DVD. I can play it on whatever dbd I want 2. You make it on your own risks. In fact, another word for BIOS is, as you’d expect it, “firmware”.

Aug 7, 6: Then when I asked him if perhaps a disk cleaner may solve the issue he said, “probably not, those things are a mashitw. European expat in HK here…so I spent last 3hrs researching the issue, looks like no hope for me.

Took off the battery compartment and removed the battery.


Superdrive won’t recognize/play DVDs

This site uses cookies. Azumanga on Dec 07, ’05 Thank you for both postings. I have had a vdd one on my MacBook Pro. I have the firmware region set to R2 and so obviously it plays R2 discs through DVD player without any issues.

Notify me of new comments via email. Open Disk Utilites 2. Febo50 October 15, at 9: I put them in and i can hear the drive working and checking but it appears that the software does not recognise any of the data. Its not finished, but the linux VM will keep writing sequentially and the Mac will keep reading the file as fvd written On a decent machine its written faster than you watch it but you might want to wait 15 mins or so … The irony… I only wanted to watch the freakin DVD not copy it but hey.

Am i missing the point or is this possible.