Its leftmost point is the start of the route, the rightmost one is the final destination, and you can see your via point flags along the line, spaced in proportion to their distance. This function is to give you an alternative for the next section of therecommended route. Mobile Apps by Lance Whitney Apr 2, Benelux, Major Roads of Europe. Copyright noteThe product and the information contained herein may be changed at any timewithout prior notification. The position information obtained from the GPS receiver will not betransmitted anywhere, so others will not be able to track you by the help of thisprogram. Tapping the line of the highlighted track log will toggle between showing and hidingthat log.

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During track log playback a green moimap will blink. This field is displayed only when navigating a route. Page 3 Thank you for choosing MioMap as your door-to-door in-car navigator.

The manual may contain many technical terms. Does anyone have any new news on these two?

When you enter this page, the coordinates of the current GPS position or the selected map point, the Cursor, if Lock-to-Position is inactive are shown at the top of the display. They are similar in look andin possible controls but are optimised for different uses. Controlled Traffic Direction 4. Tap anywhere totoggle between the enabled and disabled status.


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Table of Contents Warnings and safety information Setting it to Single Tone will initiate a single attention tone before theinstructions, while Double Tone will use a double tone.

You will need to select the minimum distance along the original route where your new route is allowed to rejoin c201 original route.

Tap to mute all MioMap sounds. Page 79 Lock button appears on the screen. You need toselect an icon, a name, and the maximum zoom level at which the POI is stillvisible on the map provided you let the POI group be displayed at all. Read this chapter for a guided tour. You can change between day and night views manually in the Quick Miomwp Page 36 or let MioMap do it automatically Page 64 for you. Operating Miomap muomap 3.

Don’t see a manual you are looking for? You need not choose between the two modes. Basedupon this setting, some of the road 2c10 will be excluded from the route e. It is also possible toadd new cameras to enhance this database. It provides door-to-doornavigation for both single and multi-point routes using adaptable route parameters.

If your destination is in another country, tap the Change Country button in the top right corner of the state selection screen Australia and USAor the city selection screen Europe and Asiaand select the country from the list. When you tap the screen to place the Cursor, the Cursor menupops up automatically to give you the list of possible functions you can use theCursor ,iomap. Tap any of the fields to see data on the via points starting from the first one through the final destination again.


Mio DigiWalker C210 User Manual

MioMap is capable of planning routes throughout the whole map region installed onthe memory card. When you open it manually, it will remain until you close it or c2210 toanother screen. The last item in the list is your final destination.

In both cases it is the most conspicuous part of the map even when inthe background of a 3D map view. If you are the driver of the vehicle, we recommend that you operate MioMap beforebeginning your journey. x210

For a single route you tap thiswhen the destination is selected. Tap any of the fields to see data on the via points starting from the firstone through the final destination again. Culture by Luke Westaway Aug 7, These cameras are displayed with the following symbol: