Thanks for working this out! The diff can be found in the git repository, or you can download it directly by following this link: Fully functional Apple Magic Trackpad in Windows 7 3: Though not sure how old it is. Hopefully I can carve out some time this week to try it out. Anyone here have the Proline u Msi wind clone.

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The webcam should be supported through the uvcvideo module by default, if not:. I’ve been working on refining and extending Oskari’s improvements – my version is available as a fork of Oskari’s version on GIthub.

Patrik Kullman nomego wrote on The directions as phil described work perfectly.

I’m having a hard time collecting all the information from the different sources on kext, boot process With the modified driver loaded, the configuration utility works fine. There should be a separate tab like shown above to control touchpad device settings. It would really help if some kind person could write a noob step by step walkthrough of this. Next, reload it with trackpar psmouse”. Is that covered in this bug?


Thanks for working this out! I am desparate to get this working, and would be very grateful!

Posted October 30, Posted January 23, Rather buy the 3cell version and get i100 6cell battery separately. I’m very thankful if someone can explain about it.

MSI Wind Netbook

Some models of the U have a Synaptics touchpad installed. Have not been able to compile it yet.

Jamie Krug jamie-thekrugs wrote on The Sentelic Finger Sensing Pad driver version 1. Anyone here have the Proline u Msi wind clone. Also, I would suggest this as an actual bug, not wishlist. It’s the upper wine lower left corners of the trackpad, right? Fuchur fuchur wrote on Please support this piece of hardware.

Synaptic or Sentilic touchpad? Proline u (Msi wind clone) | MyBroadband

In any case, do you know if some addition configuration program like fspc is needed with the driver in 2. As a warning, recording video with higher resolutions may result in a lower framerate. Sign up for a new account in our community.


I expect it’s this function in the Linux winf.

Now you should be able to use fspc to configure the touchpad. MSI Wind U touchpad does not work correctly under ubuntu 9. When I tried to run fspc, I got error: Posted January 29, Apple Magic Trackpad Control Panel. Someone there had figured out how to control things like tap to click without using fspc. When the original Wind U was released, many original equipment manufacturer versions of the Wind were also released, under different names.