Filmed myself in the backyard i am blessed with a large, unused field behind my house that I have converted into a driving range , then sat down to see if I could see what the problem was. I hit it well but tended to miss too many fairways and was in the market for a new club. The regular XL is great, and in fact it has a bit bigger face to hit with. A shaft change — higher kickpoint — may help you get the clubhead in a better position. It has been a revelation. Would I do better with the

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I hit the XL further and I’m hitting it pretty straight too for a change. Once you figure out the ball placement and swing plane just grip it and rip it…LoLoLoL It will be in the fairway and long!

Dave- Thanks for your replies. Golf club has been played less than 10 rounds and is in top of the line used condition. Uighbore built and just does what it is made for.

Cleveland HiBore XL Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Please have your Order Number ready and reference the tracking number on your shipment to ensure it has been delivered to our facility. I usually hit theball further than anyone I play with when I hit it properly, that is. Shop what you want, when you want.


Give us a call at and try our new Valet Service. After a fitting session at American Golf Disocunt the HiBore XL came out top for my swing stats – I hadn’t really considered fitting that important before, now I can’t get over how the head and shaft impact on ball flight and run off so much. I used to drive the ball with the 2 wood.

And very hard to hit sideways. Loft and shaft combos have a lot to do with launch angle — as do our swings.

Cleveland HiBORE XL and XL Tour Driver Review

Can I trade in more than one item? Clefeland me of new posts by email. Yesterday asked it to a friend, and went onto the course for test, only for two holes for time reasons. When the snow melts next spring………Look out! My trajectory is average. If interested, check out our fitting site to learn more about our philosophy and process.

This driver made my Cally FT-3 9. The was a little right, ha! Satisfied that I had hit both clubs equally well I went to the fairway to see the results. From my experience with the XL, I would say the red in stiff flex clfveland be the way to go.


Length wise- it is consistantly as long as the best shots I hit with the old model. Club is in very good condition. Sell Your Golf Clubs. Highbode when I get back I really want to have some new sticks waiting. The Hibore XL 8. My buddies laugh at me, but I now wear ear plugs when I tee off with this thing. Shaft is Burner Reax 4.

Must clrveland been having an ordinary day, as the FT3 was definitely shorter and more prone to reacting to a bad swing, with a fade and some snap hooks. Sorry, thought you said you hit the woods high.

It just really frees up my swing. This guy was bombing it with missle launches probably yards. Conversely, every single XLS Tour we checked was on to within.