Your superior gun softstats in comparison to the FVb will make it easier to place your AP and HEAT rounds where you want them at for penetrating hits. RoIito 2 Posted Oct 06 – I saw this quite a few times. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted The mobile world might finally get exciting again in As long as you can still earn credits go ahead and fire all the Premium ammo you want.

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If you haven’t gotten into the habit of angling the tank yet, you really should in the E Don’t show this again. Of course, audio should be a top consideration when selecting an MP3 player. Going to the frontline side by side with your team’s heavy tanks can be a valid option, since you have the armour for it.

Right now American line at tier 9, German line at tier 8, Russian line at tier 7. There is nothing historically accurate hofrible this tank, other than the separate existence of the E chassis and the autoloading mm AA gun for stationary mounts.

Jagdpanzer E – Global wiki.

These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes. But seeing them on the enemy team or driving around I don’t really cringe. My friend just recently got his E and he loves it and I did just as well if not better than him in our E75s. This makes you one of the most feared tanks on the battlefield, so use this to your advantage. Im sorry but what on earth are you on about mm pen is sub par for tier 8??


Give it a bit more turret armor and around a 10 second reload.

Is the E a Newbie’s Tank? The downside is that music doesn’t sound all that fantastic; it definitely doesn’t stack up to the Clix, or similarly horrihle players such as the Creative Zen V Plus. While not as weak as on the Jagdtiger, it still allows most tanks to easily penetrate you.

If you’re not in a E100 or Jageru at X, you lose…

Hard to risk not penning in a brawl when you have a 17s reload. Also, we found that mids were missing the warmth and richness you get from a device capable of producing top-quality audio.

I’m having way too much fun with the E and grinding other things right now. What are the secrets to this tanks? These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes.

iriver E review: iriver E – CNET

Most I just stopped horriblw or tried to rehab a bit Unfortunately your size means three very bad things: NutrientibusMeaGallus Nov 21 On Clan Wars or Tank Companies, however, where there’s coordination on the entire team, this TD can do quite a good job. Click pad irritation We wouldn’t necessarily say that the Iriver E completely hoorrible in the design department, but it could definitely use some work.


Sources and External Links. It states that German engineers did consider the E as a potential platform for mm and mm guns. Maybe there is a tank that attracts worse players but I am thinking the E is the best at attracting the worst.

What is wrong with the E100?

SadSadeus 8 Posted 26 May – You have to load HEAT. According to CIOS data, engineers also altered the tank’s layout.

I get hit with gold at Tier 6 in Meds that could be penned with HE. Mainly because it is german, has a derp gun and ok e10. Sign In Email address: From the front, using standard ammo, the entire front of the IS7 is impenetrable.

Sources and External Links. Maybe get with some better players that can show you like i was shown and you will come to love the tank.