Tintri releases TGC 4. At this stage, the controllers still has some head-room left in them, which is great for future expansion. Across the board, the array offered exceptional low-latency performance, and in all areas offered strong sub-1ms latency with a broad usable throughput band. Should an MSA owner decide to add flash later, the process is as straightforward as adding the drives to the system and enabling caching or tiering after an appropriate license is applied. HP Lefthand P G2 7. On the array side, we use our cluster of Dell PowerEdge R servers:.

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We will resolve the problem directly with you. P G3 12x 3. One day flash will take over, even in entry arrays targeted for the SMB. Advanced users can also leverage a broad range of CLI msz through its console access.

Sign up for the StorageReview newsletter. Two LUNs were leveraged, balanced across both controllers. In our application workloads, we saw fantastic performance.

HPE MSA 2052 SAN Storage Review

Buying format see controlller. There seems to be a problem completing the request at present. After it breached 1ms, the throughput continued to rise up to Performance continued to increase up to This allows us to repeat the same workloads across a wide range of storage devices, including flash arrays and individual storage devices.


In the MSA1. Built on Microsoft Windows Storage Server or R2, depending on model, you can provide users with a highly available solution so that their data is ready when they need it. With 2VMs, we measured an average sci of 12ms for each VM.

At this stage, the controllers still has some head-room left in them, which is great for future expansion. This is the chassis and power supplies only. These workloads offer a range of different testing profiles ranging from “four corners” tests, common database transfer size tests, as well as trace captures from different VDI environments. HP Lefthand P G2 7. Around the back of the unit, the two controllers are stacked in the middle, flanked on either side by power supplies.

Delivery options see all. These chassis’ are tested and in excellent condition. It should be noted that HPE doesn’t officially support mobile browsers for MSA management, but most functionality worked well in our testing regardless.

Users are able to select which pool the storage is located inside of, as well as a preference to which storage sscsi the data should reside.

You may also like. Even in that case, however, the MSA provides great value when the buyer properly sizes and leverages caching or tiering, backed up by relatively inexpensive HDDs. Skip to main content. Although, as many of our readers understand, synthetic performance data only shows part of the story.


From here, you can see if hosts have proper mapping setup, or quickly share or modify a mapped LUN.

HP MSA CONTROLLER SCSI Array Device – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

Our configuration with four SSDs will be more expensive, especially when opting for the higher capacity drives. In a cache scenario, customers would typically add two SSDs to the mix, where a tiering configuration would generally have four SSDs.

The first includes 3. The interface is compatible with a broad range of web decice without requiring any additional software to be installed to manage it.

HPE MSA SAN Storage Review | – Storage Reviews

The MSA line also supports remote replication, for those who want to have a disaster recovery location off site. At the management landing page users have all the important stats at their fingertips, including connected hosts, real-time transfer speeds, connected array ports, storage capacity, as well as utilization.

These stickers are designed to break if removed or tampered with.